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Monday, April 25, 2016
Bud Cuthbert Golf Classic

Join us to help benefit the research and families impacted by Mesothelioma.

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Bud Cuthbert Bio

No Man Is An Island

These infamous words were spoken all too often when my husband of forty years, Bud Cuthbert, was going through a trial study for Mesothelioma. This fatal cancer took Bud's life within two months of the diagnosis. Once Bud was diagnosed, through a team of specialists from University of Pennsylvania, he was accepted as a candidate to join this trial study. Bud wanted not only to extend his life but to contribute to research. He was hoping that through his surgery and study he could give something back to the medical profession. He shared with his doctors that whatever came from his surgery and case were not to be in vain.

His death came so quickly but not at all in vain. In the very short time that Bud was in this study, he was able to contribute to research that deals with Mesothelioma, a lung cancer that usually attacks victims that have dealt with asbestos. Since this cancer does not acquaint itself with the person for years it is hard to detect.

Bud was a devoted husband, a wonderful father, a loving grandfather and a proud veteran who's life ended all too soon. Our Family would like to give back to this research to aid the next Father, Husband and/or Grandfather who could be stricken with this aggressive cancer. Therefore the family of Bud Cuthbert introduces you to the Cuthbert Cancer Foundation. In Bud's name we want to continue to contribute to cancer research. If we can reach out to you and you can contribute in any way we can honestly say that "No Man Is An Island" .

Kathleen Cuthbert